Advertising Frequently Asked Questions

What is a church bulletin?
Every Sunday the vast majority of Catholic churches place a weekly bulletin or newsletter in the hands of every person attending the Sunday service. Each bulletin is unique to the specific church and generally contains a Pastoral letter, a schedule of events for the week and current news for the church. It is a “must read” for members who wish to stay current with the activities and programs of the parish.

How do the church members receive my message?

Your message is presented in the form of an advertisement in the weekly bulletin. The church receives the bulletin free of charge as a result of the sponsorship of local businesses like yours. Your ad is placed in the hands of every member attending Sunday services each week.

What kind of buyer can I expect to reach with my advertisement?
The majority of the buyers you will reach are home owners with families who have a strong commitment to the local area and tend to support businesses who support their faith community.

How many church members can I reach with my advertisement?
The typical church distributes between 500 and 2000 bulletins each week. Based on this circulation, your message is presented many thousands of times over a 52-week period. You can increase the number of impressions by selecting multiple churches. Your exposure to buyers isn't limited to Sunday morning. The bulletins are often saved and referred to throughout the week.

How targeted can my message be?
You will gain the benefit of reaching a very specific market area in the immediate vicinity of the church, which will include up to a five-mile radius around the church location. This allows you to concentrate your focus on specific community in a very efficient way.

Does this really work?
Our advertisement renewal rate is over 80%. This is because church members are highly motivated to trust and patronize the local businesses that support their weekly bulletin. Our advertisers see the increase in business revenues as a direct result of their church bulletin advertising.

How much does it cost?
The cost of a typical church bulletin advertisement is about $8.70 per week, making this one of the best advertising values available. Advertising costs are based on circulation and the availability of advertising space. Please call us for an exact quote.

Do I have to design my ad?

No, but you can if you'd like. We accept a wide variety of common formats. If you prefer, our staff can also do all the work of developing an attractive and effective presentation of your message. You will be sent a proof for approval via emailed PDF file or by FAX.

What ad sizes are available?

We have a wide range of ad sizes to accommodate your advertising budget and needs.
What about payment?

Several interest-free payment plans are available. Please call us for details.