A Trusted Resource for Excellent and Professional Communication.

Catholic Printery was built on the premise that every church, regardless of size, should have the ability to communicate with their parishioners via professional platform benefiting both the church and its surrounding communities. For over 35 years this has been and continues as our mission. Excellent “No-charge” bulletin services to all parishes regardless of individual parish size.

Churches: If you’re a church in need of a professional, headache free, COST FREE, excellent bulletin service - you’ve found what you’re looking for!  We invite you to review our services and even try us out for a few weeks - no strings attached!. We are so confident in the services we provide and the professional attributes and abilities of our staff, that we welcome you to call on ANY of our clients to ask how they like/love our service. For additional information please click on “Bulletins” on the left nav bar or “Contact us” link above!

Community: If you are a business looking to promote your products or services there truly is no better cost effective way, than to advertise on a weekly bulletin! Where else can you find a locally concentrated, consistent method of advertising on a well-read, and credible medium that ensures your advertisement will not only be seen, but appreciated and respected as well.

Of course your advertisement will be seen by numerous members of the local church, but it can also be seen by many churches covering a large territory or geographic region if you desire. Bulletin advertising offers a constant weekly penetration for a full year that has proven results. And it gets better... as an advertiser you also receive great discounts on all sorts of print work! From standard business materials, to booklets, brochures, banners and now database-driven printing, stuffing & mailing services! From mail merge letters to invoices and statements! Should you want to INCREASE your advertising reach, ask us about our database-driven DIRECT MAIL products, from postcards to newsletters and much more.

Enjoy the benefits of local community advertising and build your company's credibility. Create "Good-will" and increase your bottom-line with advertising that really works and discounts on the printing that you need every day.